From the Pulpit: Listen Up

Listen Up

By Pastor Joshua Sarmiento

As I drive about an hour each day to work, I usually listen to music.  As we work out, we generally listen to music.  As we walk, we listen to music, and in our devotional prayer time, we listen to music.  As a musician, I love music! Music is powerful! Music warms the heart and brings us to a mood.  Spiritual music truly helps us; spiritual music feeds our inner life. Some music solicits you to tap your feet, encourages imaginary dancing, or causes musical instrument playing no matter where you are. If you are Latino, like me, you start your dance and make a joyful noise, even acting like you have your own salsa band (el Gran Combo) around, or act like Marc Anthony on a stage with a mic. To some, their hearts are stirred up with music, and to others, music can drive you to tears.  Music is capable of evoking powerful emotions.  One research study on music identified that music has the power to alter our emotional perceptions of other people. The researchers found that music powerfully influenced the emotional ratings of people’s faces. Happy music made happy faces seem even happier, while sad music made participants perceive faces as a sad countenance.  A similar effect was also observed with neutral faces. The outcome identified the emotions of music could quickly spread from one sensory system to another.

With all that being stated, as a Christian, I believe spiritual music significantly helps us.  Spiritual music feeds our inner being and helps us in life.  I also believe we can use music to help our spiritual life grow.  Music and the spiritual life can go together, as I believe spiritual life and music complement one another.  As a spiritual seeker, music has helped me to go deep within my devotionals, worship and relationship with Christ.  Music has helped me to get the utmost satisfaction from life and from Biblical truth.

Many have identified that when we listen to music within our spiritual lives, or when we ourselves play music, immediately our inner beings climb to a higher level.  When we hear spiritual music, or when we play a spiritual piece of music, many feel a kind of personal thrill in our entire existence from the soles of our feet to the crown of our head.   Spiritual music adds to my aspiration and daily inspirations.  Each time I play spiritual music, I get an extra dose of strength or “oomph,” along with inspiration and delight to face my worst days and fears.  Music helps me overcome my shortcomings while directing me back to the creator of music, our Heavenly Father!  Our Creator God knows that in the twinkling of an eye, spiritual music can elevate our consciousness and empower our spirits, body and soul.

I believe that music and song continue to play a vital role in the life of God’s people today.  God created music to be holy and pleasing unto Him and to use for worship and praise unto Him.   I would encourage and admonish all to pray and meditate, and also to listen to spiritual music so that we can become undoubtedly inspired and illuminated and can fulfill God’s will in our lives!  So, go ahead, listen up and make a joyful noise unto the Lord and sing unto Him. Sing psalms to the Lord and talk of all His wondrous works!


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