Sunday’s Best: Faithful Fashionista

Elevate Magazine presents some of our local fashion-forward faithful in this fashion editorial, along with fun and fitting Q&A so we may get to know them better.

Compiled by John Sotomayor, Photos by Conan Segrest


Tanya Walker (Age 40)
Business Consultant
U.N.I.T.Y Group Services Inc, and Daystar Radio 89.5FM

Where I Worship: The Good Samaritan Ministries
About Me: I always look for the good in others, even if it’s not apparent
Ministry(ies): The Good Samaritan Ministries
Charity(ies): U.N.I.T.Y Group Services Inc.
The Person in the Bible I Relate to Most: I relate to Jeremiah the most because I am always warning the people but they refuse to listen
Favorite Scripture: Daniel 7:9, because the Ancient of days was in power and all other thrones were destroyed
Favorite Story in the Bible: My favorite story in the bible is “The Flood” because it depicts the destruction of all evil
Aside from the Bible, my Favorite Book: “The Art of War”
My Playlist Includes: Earth Wind and Fire, and Sam Cooke
My All-Time Favorite Movies: “Knowing”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “2012”
Greatest Accomplishment: Aside from my children, running a successful business
Most Serene Location in Marion County: My home
A Cause I Would Run a Marathon For: I would run a marathon to see wicked people change their ways
Personal Life-Changing Revelation: The revelation that changed my life was when I learned the truth
Heaven on Earth is: Finding the Messiah and he accepts me
What I pray for most: The destruction of all Anti-Christs and false Prophets
I would trade all my worldly possession for: I would trade all of my worldly possession to be back in Heaven with YAHWEH


Jamie Hirsch (Age 30)
Marketing Consultant

Where I Worship: Meadowbrook
About me: I am a Christian business owner, acclaimed author, instructor and marketing professional.
Ministry(ies): Joel Olsteen, Agape
Charity(ies): Children’s Home Society, American Veterans, Pace Center for Girls
The person in the Bible I relate to most: Jesus
Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 3:20
Favorite Story in the Bible: King David
Aside from the Bible, my favorite book: Course in Miracles
My playlist includes: Madonna, Bee Gees, Moby, Sting
My all-time favorite movie: Norbit
Proudest moment: My parents saying they were proud of me. Running a marathon without stopping.
Greatest Accomplishment: My book, “Break Up or Break Through: 7 Steps to Getting Over a Break Up”
Most Serene Location in Marion County: Shalom Park
A cause I would run a marathon for: Equality for women in the workplace
Personal life-changing revelation: developing a closer relationship with God has guided through difficult times.
Outside of family, the person in our community I most admire: Manal Fakhoury
Heaven on Earth is: witnessing Gods beauty in nature.
What I pray for most: Wisdom and Knowledge
I would trade all my worldly possession for: Happiness


Joshua Luis Sarmiento (Age 44)
Ignite Community Counseling and Resource Center/ Heart of Florida Youth Ranch

Where I Worship: Crossroads COG
About Me: I am a native of the Bronx, NYC. I am the following: an Ordained Bishop with The Church of God in Cleveland TN; currently the Clinical Director of The Heart of Florida Youth Ranch in Citra Florida and Founder of Ignite Community Counseling and Resource Center Ocala, Florida ministering and working with hurting youth, children and families; the founder of IGNITE ministries a License Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with the State of Florida, as well as Master’s Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP), Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and a (CTT) Certified Trauma Therapist; a National Certified Counselor and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and National Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor; and also a CSAT (Certified Sex Addict Therapist) Candidate
Ministry(ies): Ignite Community Counseling Center, IGNITE ministries; Heart of Florida Youth Ranch; Crossroads Church of God; Kingdom Revival Church; One Blood Ministries; John 3:16 boxing gym; Karate for Christ
Charity(ies): Heart of Florida Youth Ranch; Boys and Girls Club; IGNITE; Arnette House; Salvation Army; Broadway Outreach; Crossroads Thrift store; Operation Compassion; Wings of Faith Thrift Store; Interfaith Ministries; Kimberly Centers
The Person in the Bible I Relate to Most: Joshua. The Lord has commanded me to be of good courage! I have served and will continue to serve in supportive roles and leadership roles. “Wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you”…No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live.. For I will be with you as I was with Moses.”
Favorite Scripture: Phil 4:13
Favorite Story in the Bible: After the Resurrection; David and Goliath by far! Growing up, that’s been my story.
Aside from the Bible, my Favorite Book: “In a pit with a Lion on A Snowy Day”
Proudest Moment: After giving my life to Christ as my savior; marrying my wife and my son being born.
Most Serene Location in Marion County: Shalom Park (I am a simple guy) Any place with a peaceful setting.
A cause I Would Run a Marathon For: Children that are being abused. I have a passion to help the hurting and underprivileged. I ran the Kimberly Centers 5K in April.
Outside of Family, the Person in Our Community I Most Admire: Senator Dennis Baxley. He sat with me when he did not know, as I was new to this community and gave me Godly advice, hugged me, and prayed with me. I’ll never forget that moment and him. I still go to him for advice.
Heaven on Earth is: The Body of Christ living in love with one another, worshiping and serving together regardless of culture, race and denominations as we meet as many needs as possible; being the hands and feet of Jesus and taking the gospel to all people in love. Serving God and one another in God’s love.


Doris Patterson (Age 66)
Rehoboth of Fire International Ministries Inc.

About Me: I am Kingdom minded and love people
Ministry(ies): Teacher, Preacher, Apostle, Psalmist
The Person in the Bible I Relate to Most: Jesus
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 19
Favorite Story in the Bible: Deborah
Aside from the Bible, my Favorite Book: I Came to Set the Captives Free
My Playlist Includes: Dwell, Give Me You, You Deserve It
My All-Time Favorite Movie: War Room
Proudest Moment: When the ministry started coming forth
Greatest Accomplishment: Going back to college – Ohio Christian University
Most Serene Location in Marion County: The lake or park, somewhere close to water
A Cause I Would Run a Marathon For: Better health
Personal Life-Changing Revelation: When I realized after much trials and tribulation that Heaven and Hell are real
What I Pray for Most: The nation, and our government
I Would Trade All MY Worldly Possessions For: Being able to bless someone else knowing that the Lord will give it all back and making Heaven my home


Clifford Lara (Age 54)

Where I Worship: I’m a new resident in Ocala, and I’m currently searching for a church home. Prior to moving here my church was in Orlando. Focal Point Church an amazing church under Pastor Mark Daniels.
About me: I’m married to a wonderful woman Rebecca. We have nine children, 20 grandchildren with one on the way. We have been in full time ministry since 1992. Our heart is to see the church united in Christ and working to disciple regions.
Ministry(ies): we have worked with President and founder of Brothers at Work. Twelve years we served to disciple, teach a trade, and produces business with men released from prison. We also served as Executive Director of Chicago Teen Challenge, as well as several other positions for five years. This was an adult men’s ministry to come out of life controlling problems such as drugs. We currently serve as Mission Directors for CITY PLAN out of Tampa and World Trumpet Mission in Uganda Africa.
I also serve as Vice President on the board for Faith and Justice in Ocala Florida.
The person in the Bible I relate to most: Moses; he is not a perfect man, nor feels adequate to do all God has before him. That is I but thank God for His instruction and patients.
Favorite Scripture: 1 Thes. 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Favorite Story in the Bible: David over coming Goliath.
Aside from the Bible, my favorite book: Prayer Altars A Strategy Changing Nations
My favorite song: is The Old Rugged Cross.
My all-time favorite movie: Forrest Gump
Proudest moment: When I hold a child born in my family for the first time and I get to pray over the life.
A cause I would run a marathon for: To bring awareness of the need for unity in such a diverse world.
Personal life-changing revelation: Watching the birth of my children, and knowing now that God some saw fit to bless me as He has.
Heaven on Earth is: Meant to influence each other.
What I pray for most: That the manifestation of the Kingdom of Christ would increase in our nation.
I would trade all my worldly possession for: The pearl of my life is to see prayer increase across our nation that would be bound in a love to know our God.

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