Planning for Future Brings Peace of Mind



Planning for Future Brings Peace of Mind

By Lisandranette Rios


Every day we wake up and choose to do the things we had planned for the next 12 plus hours of our life until we get back to bed and repeat. We plan on exercising, working our job and meeting with friends or loved ones. Planning our lives is a natural process until it’s no longer the everyday hustle and bustle of life.


We often don’t want to think about the long-term and future aspects of life. What will we do if a loved one becomes ill, an illness is diagnosed too late or a tragically fatal accident happens in the family? Take it from Edward Martinez, an agent with New York Life Insurance Company whose father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 12 years ago. While his father has insurance, the plan is just not enough to cover expenses. He said he wishes someone had sat his father down years ago to create a long-term plan. This is a reality that has Martinez eager to help as many people as possible understand the importance of setting up a better financial portfolio, whether it be life insurance, retirement or investments.


“The important thing is to have something in place,” Martinez said.


If he could, he would go back in time with the knowledge and training he has earned as an insurance agent, sit down with his father like he does every week with people looking for help with financial planning, and carefully create the best possible plan for his father.


Unlike other companies’, agents like Martinez are dedicated to building relationships instead of only selling. Even after a person has purchased a plan, he works with them throughout the years to find better investment strategies. The goal is to help every person get to where they desire to be financially. That’s part of why New York Life Insurance Company has been around since 1845. Martinez wants to take the core of what makes New York Life’s great reputation and encourage everyone to achieve his or her financial goals.


The earlier you decide to sit down and plan your future, the more ready you will be for life’s unexpected moments and its milestones.


New York Life’s top three aspects are life insurance, long term care and retirement planning. All three aspects give living benefits — you can possibly pull tax-free money from your life insurance policy for expenses like college tuition, a new car or emergencies.


He can help you decide what life insurance policy best suits your financial goals, lifestyle and comfort. The term life policy allows flexibility for families who aren’t ready to commit to a permanent policy. Permanent life insurance will last your whole life and accumulate cash value. One dad he recently helped will have accumulated enough money by the time his child is a teenager to pay for college. If you just cannot wait to retire, Martinez will sit down with you and carefully construct the best plan to ensure your days of retirement are comfortable.


Martinez knows how fast health can change our daily routine and cause distress if not planned for. He is motivated to ensure that his clients will be prepared for the aspects of aging that we often forget to plan. Imagine knowing that if you ever get sick, you will not have to worry about medical costs because you planned.


No matter your age,  financial situation or knowledge about life insurance, Martinez is willing to sit down and chat with you about your options. There is no pressure to sign up for a policy, and meeting with him is free. Life insurance is more than planning for the future; it is gifting yourself the peace of mind that you will always be cared for.


“The chances are great that New York Life can help you,” Martinez said.





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